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Essential Virtual Assistant Software

We haven’t compiled a list of essential virtual assistant software for a while – mostly because the same ones pop up frequently: MS Office, Express Scribe, etc. Shockingly, the last time we did it was 2014! A lot has changed! Companies merge. They will move from a free to a paid model and restrict access…

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Rocketbook Beacons

I have been so excited about these arriving… It has been a long wait – delays in the production process meant the original ship date got put back several months.  Always happens with tech products, and I was happy they were getting it right. Firstly, what are Rocketbook Beacons? So the idea is, you put…

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Essential Virtual Assistant Equipment

My name is Caroline and I am a gadget addict… There are boxes of unused gizmos lurking all over my office and somehow I just know that when a new one comes out I’ll still need it. One of the things I get asked a lot is: “As a newbie, what virtual assistant equipment do…

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SVA Premier: The VA Course for UK Virtual Assistants

SVA Premier - Virtual Assistant Course

Virtual Assistant Course – Virtual Assistant Training Since 2009 we’ve run the SVA Premier programme to help VAs who want to fast forward their business by getting access to commercially sensitive or insider information.  Initially we developed this as online webcasts and password protected blogs, but five years on, we’d covered most subjects and it…

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Things only those who work from home know

The mess generated from simply being in the house is astronomical… Coffee cups, plates, junk spread all over the dining table… The office you imagined working from isn’t where you actually work – either because the Pinterest inspired clean, organised workspace never materialised or because you work from the sofa/bed… You have to repeatedly explain…

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The home office

Back in 2011, I made a fairly radical departure from my working life… Up until that point, I’d been a fairly unusual virtual assistant because I worked from an office which was just round the corner from my little flat. When we moved to a much bigger house which needed rather a lot of work…

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Strike while the iron’s hot!

Had a lovely email today from a VA who attended our BIG MEET event nearly 2 years ago… All that time she’s been plotting and planning her VA business and is finally in a position to launch – hooray! She also asked me a very relevant question: Will I be in danger of reading about…

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