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Essential Virtual Assistant Software

We haven't compiled a list of essential virtual assistant software for a while - mostly because the same ones pop up frequently: MS Office, Express Scribe, etc. Shockingly, the last time we did it was 2014! A lot has changed!

Companies merge. They will move from a free to a paid model and restrict access to the parts which made it useful. Some go bust - my fave audio convertor did: I'm still mourning it!

Some apps are really cagey about how much they cost unless you get subjected to a 2 hour presentation and a hard sell... So we've asked you to rate the pricing too.

What are we looking for?

We also have a list of Essential Virtual Assistant Equipment which covers physical stuff like chairs/computers etc. This list is more to do with the apps or software that you use to run your business - so that might be:

  • time tracking
  • invoicing/payment solutions
  • audio typing
  • recording / conferencing software
  • CRM/project management
  • social media
  • surveys
  • graphics

The idea is we are going to crowdsource the apps that you use - check the list for your favourites and if you don't see it listed, add it via our form!

Want a whole copy of the Essential Virtual Assistant Software list?

  1. View whole list
  2. Click on the 3 dots to the right of the title "Essential Software"
  3. Select "Export" and "Export to Excel".

Why share your knowledge?

Essentially these are the tools you use to run your virtual assistant business - how you make the magic work. Sharing the apps you use with others may well help another VA with issues they are having. Or it also means that when you want to outsource a piece of work using that software, more people know about it and are familiar with it.

Occasionally something new pops up which is super useful so we wanted to create a shareable list which you could add to. Add your favourite virtual assistant software here.

Please do check whether there is already an entry for the app you are listing to avoid duplication. This is the list so far: