Top 10 Tips for Becoming a Virtual Assistant

SVA put together 10 baby-steps to becoming a Virtual Assistant – a must-read for any aspiring assistant! Continue reading

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New Virtual Assistant Standards

virtual assistant approved by in 2006 we established the UK’s first professional standards for virtual assistants…  They were reasonably simple, but surprisingly a lot of VAs simply hadn’t ever considered the security of freebie email addresses or even what they would do in case of flooding or a burglary…  The SVA Approved list was born!

10 years on, the industry has made huge leaps, but we are still somewhat hampered by a reputation of being a home-based industry.  That affects every VA who has ever had a client haggling on price, or being unsure of working with us.

The idea behind the professional standards is to raise standards across the board for virtual assistants – and to create something to aim at for new assistants entering the industry.  Continue reading

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Virtual Assistant Terms & Conditions

Annabel Kaye - freelance law specialistHow to create profitable ethical business relationships using clear terms of trade

WEBINAR: Weds 30 Nov @ 8pm

It is easy to think of terms of trade as a ‘compliance’ issue.  Something you spent as little time on as you can (and as little money) and then get on with your work.

Do you know that having a great set of terms can help you:

  • Reduce the time you write off as not chargeable to clients
  • Increase your profitability by establishing premium rates
  • Integrate your way of working into your sales process
  • Improve the client’s onboarding experience

It’s not just about compliance – it’s about establishing a business model that is clear to you and your clients.

Join Annabel Kaye, of KoffeeKlatch (specialists in freelance contracts and terms) and learn  how to integrate your Virtual Assistant Terms and Conditions into a healthy and profitable client relationship.

Prompted by SVA’s new Approved VA Standards, which will be coming into effect 1st January 2017, Annabel will talk you through what your Terms and Conditions should cover and where the pitfalls can creep in.

You can register your questions when you sign up for the webinar, or ask them live in the chatroom.    This webinar is designed to help you understand how the legal and the customer experience can be brought together in your business to reduce problems with clients and non-payment and increase how your clients value you.

We will be looking at:

  • What is a contract with your client?
  • How to set expectations that work
  • Small print v large heart
  • Defining the work
  • Defining the rate
  • Your legal responsibilities
  • Creating REAL relationships based on clarity
  • Using terms to improve customer service
  • How terms can help you end relationships with grace

SVA took the decision to include having T&Cs available on your website as a standard since it raises the professionalism of the industry and protects VAs who might not otherwise outline how they work and what they are prepared to do.  These don’t have to be professionally drafted, but we would highly recommend it.   After 1st January 2017, any VA NOT having T&Cs on their website will be removed from the Approved VA database.

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Social Media Strategy Document for Virtual Assistants

social media for virtual assistantsThis one is a little gem of a document for guiding you through the social media jungle… Basically it contains a list of questions to establish where you are now with your social media presence, a few leading enquiries to find out where you want to get to, and some ideas on what to do.

We’re even happy for you to use it in your own business, either as an aide memoire to guide you through a conversation about social media with your clients.  Or you can rebrand it (simply click View/Slide Master in Powerpoint to remove our branding and add your own!).  All we ask is that you include the final page as a courtesy. Continue reading

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Start podcasting – Learn how to podcast as a virtual assistant

Podcasting for virtual assistants

1. What Is a Podcast?

A podcast is an audio file that’s made available on the Internet for anyone to listen to or to pay to download. Podcasts exist for everything from sermons to short stories, music to mad rantings. Anyone with a Web page can create a podcast, becoming one of a community of podcasters on the Internet and in the real world.

What You Will Need:-

  1. A computer
  2. A microphone
  3. Speakers (for the computer)
  4. Audacity Software – which you can find free online

Step 1 Continue reading

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1 Billion Digital Nomads by 2035

I thought this video was rather interesting… all about the growth of digital nomads/freelance admin worldwide related back to population statistics.   Food for thought!

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Essential Virtual Assistant Equipment

My name is Caroline and I am a gadget addict… There are boxes of unused gizmos lurking all over my office and somehow I just know that when a new one comes out I’ll still need it.

One of the things I get asked a lot is: “As a newbie, what virtual assistant equipment do I need?”

As a new VA, you will be bombarded with systems and gadgets and “solutions” from IT gurus.  Scratch that!  Here’s what you REALLY need: Continue reading

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Virtual Assistant Business For Sale

VIRTUAL ASSISTANT BUSINESS FOR SALE: A small, but established business trading for 11 years with a variety of regular B2B clients and occasional private clients.

  • Turnover: £1,900/month (£23,000 annually 2015-2016)
  • 1 x domain with Google Page Rank of 2
  • Wix website
  • Approx. 12 related domain names, incl. 3 x .com
  • 1 x Parked Limited Company Name
  • 1 x retainer client (£350/month)
  • 15 x other regular clients (including financial advisers, business advisers, surveyors, HR company, solicitors, physios)
  • 20 x ad hoc clients
  • All using audio typing services and some copy typing @ £1-£1.40 per audio minute (roughly £15-£21 per hour).

The seller is happy to provide support for new owner, including templates and 2 x experienced part-time audio typists who have worked for the business for a number of years.  The seller is open to offers in terms of price.

Please submit expressions of interest to and we’ll forward on your details to the seller who will contact you directly.

Please note: SVA has no affiliation with the seller and all negotiations will be done with them directly.

N.B. Our SVA Premier Course Instant Download includes information on buying a VA business and what to look for. 

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Book Review: Profit First by Mike Michalowicz – Recommended Reading for Virtual Assistants

I set up my Virtual Assistant business back in 2012, having had many years of hands on experience with the financial aspects of various business’s I thought I was well positioned to run my business.  Which I was if you want to run your business the traditional way ie. Sales – Costs = Your Profits.

All good and well I hear you all cry, however that new shiny laptop that you spent £1,200 on and the new printer you spent £500 on has just wiped your profits out.  You spent the money because it was in your account and possibly like me you can always justify spending money.

Welcome to Mike Michalowicz and his Profit First scheme.  First let me tell you it is the first and only financial book that I have been able to read from cover to cover and understand, and more importantly feel comfortable with.  I started reading one night in bed at about 11:30 and I was still reading at 4:00 the next morning, I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to get started, it all made sense and it all seemed so simple.  Too simple in fact; but that’s the beauty of it, it is simple to operate and simple to make your profit and guarantee your profit. Continue reading

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Exhibitions & Fairs – what does a virtual assistant need?

We’ve had a few posts on the SVA Forum recently asking for a definitive list of what you will need when exhibiting at a fair or show.

For Display and attracting people to your stall:

  • Pop up banner
  • Laptop
  • Plasma screen
  • A large bowl of sweets – clear plastic picnic ware is unbreakable for travelling!
    Shiny balloons to draw the eye.
  • Goody bags
    Raffle prizes – chocolates, bottle of cava, free services Continue reading
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