Price increase letters

By Caroline | 23 September, 2018 | 0 Comments

Over the years we’ve been asked for examples of price increase letters – each VA business is different and you will know your clients best, but here’s a few ideas about how you can increase your virtual assistant rates without alienating the clients.

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Virtual Assistant Rates: Should I lower my VA charges?

By Caroline | 15 September, 2018 | 1 Comment

It’s the eternal battle… Income vs High Rates.  If you have carefully crafted your virtual assistant rates to reflect your experience, your costs, the quality of your work and your ability to continue in business, can you afford to work for less?  Should you work for less?  (Still struggling with calculating your rate?  Check out…

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Get Virtual Assistant Clients Now!

By Caroline | 17 August, 2018 | 1 Comment

About Caroline Caroline has been a Virtual Assistant (VA) since 2004 in her business, Virtually Sorted. With a background in music and advertising, she worked in the creative industries for over 10 years, both in London and Glasgow. Trying to avoid wearing a suit every day, Caroline switched into entrepreneur mode and has never looked…

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Choosing the best business training

By Caroline | 15 March, 2018 | 1 Comment

Following on from my post here on choosing the best virtual assistant course something made my blood boil recently… We’ve all seen them: Those adverts which claim that their course will let you spend your life sitting on a beach. Now don’t get me wrong – I know some VAs who do sit on a…

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Congratulations To Kerry Seymour For Winning A Virtual Assistant Award

By Caroline | 7 March, 2018 | 0 Comments

Congratulations to Kerry Seymour for winning a virtual assistant award at the 2017 Maximise Business of the year award. Kerry runs her own VA business which she started up at the end of January 2017, providing a bespoke service to her clients. She works from home, successfully juggling work and family life.   The awards…

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Press Release for Virtual Assistants

By Caroline | 1 March, 2018 | 0 Comments

During SVA’s UK VA Survey v8 you asked us to develop more shared resources that you could use to promote your business… One of the things which Virtual Assistants felt would be useful was a customisable press release that you could tweak with your own details and submit to local news outlets.  Local papers may…

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Choose the best virtual assistant course

By Caroline | 30 January, 2018 | 21 Comments

Virtual Assistant Training – what to look for If you’re a newbie VA, one of the first things you’ll look at is finding the best virtual assistant course or some virtual assistant training.  I am probably going to get very nasty emails about this post – I know there are going to be good friends…

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Subcontractors looking for work…

By Caroline | 28 November, 2017 | 0 Comments

We’ve had a few requests recently to put a call out for subbies – there’s a few people who happily regularly hire subcontractors in their businesses, and would be happy for people to approach them looking for work…  We’re collecting these in and we’ll be publishing soon – feel free to skip any parts which…

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New Year – New business planner / diary!

By Caroline | 1 November, 2017 | 3 Comments

If you are an organised Virtual Assistant, you may already have ordered the bible which keeps you on track… Planner, diary, journal, organiser, filofax – doesn’t matter what you call it, just that it works. Surprisingly for an online industry, there’s a big slice of the VA industry who rely on paper and pencil to…

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Virtual Assistant Skills – unique to the industry!

By Caroline | 15 September, 2017 | 2 Comments

Virtual Assistant Skills:  “I’ve been a PA for 26 years – I don’t need told how to write a document” – except this aspiring virtual assistant most definitely did need told, because she had just completed our virtual assistant skills spelling test and had spectacularly failed it leaving in misspelt words, inconsistent formatting and hadn’t…

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