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Hiring a Virtual Assistant

We often get asked by clients to guide them through the process of hiring a virtual assistant. What questions to ask your virtual assistant; how much they should pay; what checks to make; what they should expect.

A lot of these questions are obvious to us, because we hire VAs all the time… But to an outsider hiring for the first time, it can be daunting handing your business over to someone else.

As an industry leading organisation, we want to make sure the hires you make are successful and convert you into a virtual assistant evangelist, spreading the word about what we do!

Hiring for the first time?

We know it’s daunting to hire a Virtual Assistant for the first time… Akin to handing your child over to someone else to look after. But with sensible checks in place, you should be able to successfully outsource the tasks which will save you the most time or hassle.

Our guide is designed to lead you through the process and make intelligent hiring decisions.

Questions to ask your virtual assistant

This guide covers:

  • Cost – How much you should expect to pay & why it’s not the same as an onsite employee
  • What to outsource – Choose the best tasks to give your VA which will save you the most time and hassle
  • Offshore assistants – What they are really good at, and what you might want to rethink offshoring
  • Top Tips for Hiring a Great VA – What questions to ask, what to check before hiring a virtual assistant.
  • How to brief your VA – including Dos and Don’ts of hiring a VA
  • Where to find them – On our approved database of course, a free listing for VAs who can comply (we don’t have any financial interest in listing people who don’t work to our VA Standards).
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Working with a virtual assistant

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