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Time Management

New Year – New business planner / diary!

If you are an organised Virtual Assistant, you may already have ordered the bible which keeps you on track… Planner, diary, journal, organiser, filofax – doesn’t matter what you call it, just that it works. Surprisingly for an online industry, there’s a big slice of the VA industry who rely on paper and pencil to…

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Project 333

Was at a launch party for a really ace co-working space in Glasgow last night – there was (as ever!!) a little collection of VAs, and I thought I should just pop a small explanation on here as Michelle Smith caught me wearing exactly the same outfit I was wearing last time she saw me…

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Converting to virtual

One of my core VA beliefs is that people won’t work with us unless it is to their advantage.  However, faced with having to take a risk trusting someone they can’t see with their business, possibly learn new software, and not being able to micromanage you, sometimes it is a step too far… They want…

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Virtual Assistants: Offering Face-to-face meetings?

As a virtual assistant, I try to avoid face2face meetings as much as possible – invariably they take longer than planned, it usually involves travel and the inevitable hold ups and delays.  They don’t always produce great results either – I’ll often have to sit down back at the office and compile an action list…

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Things only those who work from home know

The mess generated from simply being in the house is astronomical… Coffee cups, plates, junk spread all over the dining table… The office you imagined working from isn’t where you actually work – either because the Pinterest inspired clean, organised workspace never materialised or because you work from the sofa/bed… You have to repeatedly explain…

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Sometimes I Work In My PJs

Disclaimer: This blog post was written at an undisclosed moment in time, no animals were harmed during this experiment, except for some fried eggs.  These things sometimes happen – Sunday night and I pop out for a quick drink with an old friend and somehow it’s suddenly 11pm, last orders, and we are merrily rolling…

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