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WordPress Launches Campaign To Help Promote Positive Mental Health

WordPress has launched a new campaign #PressForward in order to help promote positive mental health within the Word Press Community.

Word Press is one of the most popular website and blog management platforms available today. Currently, around 30% of the websites and blogs online use it as their content management system of choice. The service is been used in 62 languages and has more visitors that twitter.


With many years of experience dealing with individuals and businesses, they are uniquely placed to understand the physical and mental stresses that business owners and the self-employed face.

The increase in the number of people working from home brings about a new set of challenges. As a result, they have formed WP&UP, a registered charity, to help support members of the WordPress community who are often working in isolation.

WP&UP is committed to helping members of the community by providing support in 4 areas of health, they are code health, business health, mental health, and physical health. The support will be provided through mentorships, training and in-person events.

If you would like to find out more about WP&UP and how it is helping promote positive mental health, click on the following link: WP&UP #PressForward Campaign


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