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The Longest Ever VA Business Set-Up?

The Mourne Mountains In 2005 I found myself living at the foot of the Mourne Mountains in Ireland with my husband and children who were then 4, 12 and 14 years old.  Of course, having a young family and moving away is always a difficult time and I wanted to do something other than applying…

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Becoming a new VA

“So what do you do as a job?” Since becoming a full-time V.A. in January this year I haven’t quite worked out a satisfactory reply to that question. So what do I do? Data entry, creating websites, researching CRMs, testing software, social media management, event planning, project planning, everything planning. Well, I do it all.…

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FSB Report into Home Working

The Federation of Small Business recently launched a big study into home working in Scotland… obviously more relevant to those north of the border, but nevertheless an interesting read when you look at the headline figures! Home working is worth £19 BILLION to the Scottish economy. 1 in 5 people employed by the private sector…

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