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Global Virtual Assistant Week – An Astounding Success!

Last  week’s Global Virtual Assistant Week activities were an outstanding success!   We had a really strong Twitter campaign, several regional meet ups, and a fantastic online session on Friday with our Expert VA Panel.

One of the things which came strongly from both the regional meets and the online session was that you’d like to chat to other VAs more often – and as SVA is *YOUR* organisation – so that’s what we’re doing!  We need some info from you though: https://www.societyofvirtualassistants.co.uk/2011/05/18/va-meet-up/

Next exciting piece of news: the UK VA Survey is going live TOMORROW and you can get your hands on a summary of the results for free, simply by filling in your details.  If you ever wanted to know how other VAs market themselves, how much money they are making or what the industry norm is for equipment – this is the report you need!   We’ll be emailing you – make sure you fill it in to get this valuable piece of research!

Download the online OIVAC session recording:

The audio download of the OIVAC UK VA Panel from Friday will be available very soon on the SVA website – keep your eyes peeled or make sure you get all the latest posts emailed to you by clicking here.  It features me, Lyndsey McKendry, Carmen Macdougall and Sally Walker all answering questions from VAs on everything and anything!

See also  SVA Newsletter: June 2013

The Tweets from you:

Thank you to everyone who wrote tweets, downloaded the list, retweeted our tweets, added the #globalVAweek hashtag… You are all amazing – see what you did:

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