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UK Virtual Assistant Survey

Okay – here’s your chance to find out where you fall on the VA brilliance scale… Everything you ever wanted to know about the typical Virtual Assistant business.

Take part in the UK VA Survey:

It’s quite big – set aside about 30 mins to complete it. But for your time you’ll get a free summary of all the important stuff – what are people using to market their businesses? What’s the most effective form of networking? How much time do other people spend working in their VA business? What’s the average salary of a full-time VA? Or a part-timer?

Make sure you take part ASAP – it’s a great marketing tool and may give you some ideas about how to improve your business!

Newbies: Don’t worry if you aren’t eligible to take part – we’ll be letting you know when it’s available for purchase and you can get all this info for a bargain price!

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