Multi-VA Business

Subcontractors looking for work…

We’ve had a few requests recently to put a call out for subbies – there’s a few people who happily regularly hire subcontractors in their businesses, and would be happy for people to approach them looking for work…  We’re collecting these in and we’ll be publishing soon – feel free to skip any parts which…

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So you want to be a subcontractor virtual assistant?

(Or how much a VA’s virtual assistant gets paid!) “They’re paying HOW MUCH for a virtual assistant subcontractor???”  Yes, the outraged exclamations on Facebook Groups for a subcontract virtual assistant job this week raised a lot of eyebrows…  But you know, the virtual assistants doing these subcontract jobs aren’t necessarily doing the same job as…

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You too could have a 6-figure income…

We’ve all had these emails in our inbox.  The ones promising financial freedom, a Ferrari in the garage of your mansion, days spent playing on your private beach with the children…  All yours for the miniscule investment of $999/month! Now most of us hit the delete button – but what if what the virtual assistant…

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Outsourcing Masterclass

Virtual Assistant outsourcing subcontractor pack

Hiring Your First VA – Outsourcing Masterclass When I hired my first VA, I made mistakes – BIG mistakes.  It took me hours and hours and hours to set her up.  It seemed like I was wasting time by explaining how to do stuff, and it would be quicker if I just did it myself. …

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Virtual Assistant Franchise – or buying a VA Business

Buying a virtual assistant franchise

Buying a VA Business – Virtual Assistant Franchises If you are serious about expanding your business, you might look at buying a VA business to expand rapidly.  These deals can be an excellent way of expanding your client list, owning a ready-made business, and a shortcut to SEO supremacy…  But they can also be extremely…

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Virtual Assistant Terms & Conditions

How to create profitable ethical business relationships using clear terms of trade WEBINAR: Weds 30 Nov @ 8pm Register now It is easy to think of terms of trade as a ‘compliance’ issue.  Something you spent as little time on as you can (and as little money) and then get on with your work. Do…

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Virtual Assistant Business For Sale

VIRTUAL ASSISTANT BUSINESS FOR SALE: A small, but established business trading for 11 years with a variety of regular B2B clients and occasional private clients. Turnover: £1,900/month (£23,000 annually 2015-2016) 1 x domain with Google Page Rank of 2 Wix website Approx. 12 related domain names, incl. 3 x .com 1 x Parked…

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SVA Premier: The VA Course for UK Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistant Course

Virtual Assistant Course – Virtual Assistant Training Since 2009 we’ve run the SVA Premier programme to help VAs who want to fast forward their business by getting access to commercially sensitive or insider information.  Initially we developed this as online webcasts and password protected blogs, but five years on, we’d covered most subjects and it…

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VA Horror Stories.

In honour of Halloween we asked you to share your VA horror stories…  Some were happy to be named, others were happy to shame the VAs in question…  And some would rather just not be identified!

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How to sell a client

This gem comes from Phillippa Goodwin of Essential PA – one for all the MultiVA businesses or simply for someone looking to outsource work on a permanent basis. How to “sell” a virtual assistant client

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