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Caroline WylieAbout Caroline

Caroline has been a Virtual Assistant (VA) since 2004 in her business, Virtually Sorted. With a background in music and advertising, she worked in the creative industries for over 10 years, both in London and Glasgow. Trying to avoid wearing a suit every day, Caroline switched into entrepreneur mode and has never looked back.

Virtual assistance in the UK was a fledgling industry in 2004, so she worked with a collection of VAs to educate the business community about virtual working which grew rapidly into the Society of Virtual Assistants in 2006.

SVA is the largest organisation of UK virtual assistants with over 2,500 active members, a forum, regular newsletters, the virtual assistant diary, and features to help promote best practice in the industry including pioneering the establishing of VA standards back in 2007.

SVA was recognised as a leading blog at the inaugural UK Blog Awards being a finalist in the digital tech category.

Along the way she has lectured at various universities in the creative industries, appeared on conference panels, conducted workshops and presented at exhibitions such as Office*, OMPA, NorthernVACollaboration and The VA Conference. Topics featured include:

  • Getting Your Music in the Movies
  • Working in the Creative Industries
  • The Lazy Mare's Guide To Marketing
  • Virtual Working in the 21st Century
  • Guerrilla Twitter and Other Social Media Shortcuts
  • Getting the Best VA Subcontractor
  • How to be a Rockstar VA

In her role as founder of SVA, she has previously judged the VA of the Year Awards, runs the UK VA Survey each year and is the UK representative of the world’s first virtual assistant certification programme, VAcertified.

Caroline lives in Glasgow, with her husband Craig, their two young children and her crazy Burmese cat. Her mantra remains "I must wear jeans to the office".

Fully booked? Working late? Wondering how Expand Your Virtual Assistant Teamyou can say YES to clients without compromising quality? Maybe you need more hours in the day to bill more... Or maybe it's time to Expand Your Virtual Assistant Team!

With 10+ years of outsourcing experience Society of Virtual Assistants Founder, Caroline Wylie, has seen most of the pitfalls... and survived! This course is for those:

  • With an established VA business
  • Who may already be working with subcontractors but are finding it tough
  • Or who want to set up their VA team so it runs like clockwork


SVA hasn't run very many of these courses recently - in fact the last one we did was back in 2012!!!!  Why haven't I done many of late?  Well, to be honest: I run my own VA business, I run SVA, I have 2 small children, I volunteer mentor young people one day a week... There's not a lot of time left over.  Crucially: my income has always come from being a VA, and I have over a decade's worth of experience being a VA.  Very few current VA trainers or coaches can say that.

Ready to find out more?

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Reasons to Expand Your Virtual Assistant Team:

  • Ability to grow your business
  • Do the tasks that you enjoy
  • Be flexible with your workload
  • Take on bigger projects
  • Cover for you as a solopreneur
  • As part of your business model
  • Make more money!

What Can Go Wrong when you Expand Your Virtual Assistant Team?

These are just a few of the answers I got when I asked a group of MultiVAs what can go wrong when you outsource work...  It's a straw poll, but it's every VA's nightmare:

  • VA submitted work late
  • Clients didn’t like not dealing directly with me
  • VA submitted work that I had to do again because it was so bad
  • The work wasn’t done how I would usually do it
  • VA didn’t tell me how long it had taken her so I couldn’t bill the client
  • I found it was easier just to do the job myself
  • VA nicked the client for her own business
  • Outsourcer didn’t know how to do the job and ended up misquoting to the client
  • VA took 10 times longer than the job should have taken and expected to be paid for it
  • The VA tried to trade under my business name
  • VA simply never got back to me any time I tried to contact her to do work
  • When I was busy and needed the help, the VA was never available
  • A graphic designer without any graphics software
  • VA didn’t have any childcare so work was done late at night and was poor quality

Ready to find out more?

Pop over to EventBrite.  Tickets are limited.