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Volunteer for SVA

We’re looking for virtual assistant volunteers to help with a number of Society of Virtual Assistants projects over the next 2 quarters of 2018.  If you are able to donate some time to helping us, we’d be very grateful.

  • It’s a great way to expand your portfolio of work.
  • Where possible we want to give each VA a project which they are solely responsible for so that they can point to it and say “I did that!”
  • We understand if life gets crazy and you need longer to complete each task… This is in no way the same priority as paid work, and we get that.

So what do we need?

Forum bug testers

I feel like we should call these ladybirds – eating all the bugs!  You get to test out the new forum before it goes live, report bugs, suggest improvements, change categories… Basically we need input from REAL people.  No special skills needed.  But we want to get this live ASAP! Email [email protected] with your SVA username.

Email marketing comparison

We want to create a comprehensive UK email marketing comparison so people can compare the different providers, check they are GDPR compliant etc at a glance. This will involve getting in touch with major providers via email and collecting online survey results.  This is a one off job and we anticipate it’s about 3 hours work in total, but probably involves a bit of chasing up info.  Would help if you had social media experience too, but happy to teach you how to do the necessary – so ideal for a newbie! Email [email protected] with EMAIL MARKETING WORK in the subject.

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We need someone who is a PR expert to both write content and contact publishers… Mostly these will be blogs surrounding the VA/PA industry, work at home blogs, digital/tech blogs.  We have a pretty comprehensive list anyway, but if you can add to it – all the better!  This is an ongoing task and we don’t mind really when it’s done, but ideally we’d have ideas pitched to the list about 2-3 times a year. GOT A VOLUNTEER!

Diary addicts

One for the organisers among you… I’m looking for someone to update our Events Diary with VA themed events, but also to do an annual review of all the different planners out there… We get sent quite a few diaries/journals/planners every year and it would be good to do a round up of these to feature on the blog (See last year’s post).  So a monthly check of events and maybe 15 minutes posting on the blog + an annual blog post collating info on the different planners out there. GOT A VOLUNTEER FOR THIS ONE!

A Day In The Life / Niche VAs

Got an interesting niche or unusual lifestyle?  We’ve had VAs who moonlight as cruise ship entertainers, ones who live the digital nomad lifestyle, a funeral VA… Basically if you have a unique business, we want to know about it and feature you on the blog.  We’ll need some pictures and a questionnaire answered.  Fill in these forms and email them back to us: Niche VAs Qs OR  Day in the Life Qs.

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Events VA

We are planning a number of online events and need a VA who has experience of running webinars to be our host and make sure everything runs smoothly… We anticipate the events having between 100-200 people at each one, so it’s fairly full on.  GOT A VOLUNTEER!

Video VA

Looking for someone to do a few explainer videos and promos which all VAs can use to promote their business.  Would be similar to this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7m0oiYsGnw&feature=youtu.be  But maybe slightly more polished?  And featuring some live interviews?  So you’d need to be able to edit video and audio as well as add graphics.  Email [email protected] with VIDEO WORK in the subject.

Sponsorship VA

Looking for someone with a brass neck to go and ask some of the companies who work with VAs every day if they’d like to reach out more to the industry.  They can sponsor adverts, articles, events – and it ranges from big stuff to little stuff.  GOT A VOLUNTEER


  1. Refilwe McCracken on 5 October, 2018 at 7:17 pm

    HI all

    Im looking for some advice on a telephone number for my new business. I’ve been considering not having a number displayed on online platforms in early stages, and using my business mobile with clients going forward.

    Any thoughts on this?
    Any help would be appreciated


    • Caroline on 25 October, 2018 at 10:16 pm

      Generally if you use a geographic number, you’ll get a better response – you can use a VOIP number and divert it to your mobile for a few pounds per month. Lots of VAs will just use their mobile though.

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