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Join Society of Virtual Assistants

SVA does not charge for membership, but relies heavily on donations from its membership to run the website, promote the industry and help virtual assistants in the UK. The suggested donation to join is £15. We offer three types of membership:

community member

Standard community membership - includes access to the Members Facebook Group, our monthly newsletter and our "Community Member" logo.

Suggested for new VAs, people wanting more info on becoming a VA, or those who don't have all the criteria in place for becoming and approved member yet.

Membership is free but our suggested donation is £15 to cover admin costs.

© SVA Approved VA Logo (Transparent Background)Approved VA membership - members must abide by all the terms of our Code Of Practice and in addition to their standard membership get a special "SVA Approved VA" logo.

You must already be an ACTIVE standard member before applying & will be invited to join along with all T&Cs for being listed.  Membership is free but our suggested donation is £15 to cover admin costs.

Queries to [email protected]

Help the UK Virtual Assistant Industry

We're always looking for volunteers to help SVA.  We need people to process new members, marketing gurus, newsletter writers, website wizards, bloggers and some good old fashioned sparkling ideas! If you have some time to spare and would like to help SVA please email [email protected]

Contact Society of Virtual Assistants:

Society Of Virtual Assistants can be contacted on [email protected]

PR Friendly bloggerWe are a PR friendly website, we're always happy to feature news or products that would be useful for our UK based virtual assistants.

Please note enquiries are dealt with on Fridays, so there may be a delay in responding to your request.

Alternatively you can connect via social media on the links below: