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Virtual Assistant Products and Services

We're happy to recommend the following Virtual Assistant products and services for UK VAs.

About SVA

Society of Virtual Assistants started in 2005, and is the longest running resource for UK assistants. It was created by just 7 VAs coming together to help raise the profile of the UK VA industry by working together - a true example of #CollaborationNotCompetition ethos which defines the industry.

It is headed by Caroline Wylie, who still works as a VA and has done continually since 2004. One of the main aims of SVA is making best practice freely available to all, not hidden behind pay walls or membership fees. But running the organisation does cost money, and we try to offset this by selling products/services which we are happy to recommend and taking affiliate commission.

If you would like to feature on the site or connect with the VAs, please contact [email protected]

Free Resources:

How To Work With A VA (For Clients) - Give this to clients to show them how to work with a VA or use as a follow up.

How to Find your Ideal Client and Target Customers - This will help you find out who you want to be selling to and why you need to hone in on who it is.

Video - What is a VA? Use this on your own website.

Buying A VA Business

Social Media Strategy

VA Standards - Free listing for VAs who can comply with our UK VA Standards.

VA Training Standards - Free listing for all trainers who can comply with our UK VA Training Standards.

Anti Money Laundering Regulations for VAs

GDPR for VAs

VAT for VAs

Limited Companies for VAs

canva.com - Design or alter graphics online

Google Digital Garage - Learn how to get your own digital marketing working, and offer this to clients with a recognised qualification from Google.

agilecrm.com - CRM to keep everything all in one place...

asana.com - Tasklist software, more detail

Trello.com - Tasklist software, more visual

Google Calendar - The most compatible calendar out there...


VA Tools Worth Paying For:

UK VA Survey - The largest and only statistically valid study of UK based virtual assistants. We tell you what they charge, who works with them, the kinds of services they offer, what they charge extra for, how they outsource, what business models they follow... And answer many more questions!

PolicyBee - Insurance for VAs... This is the one we recommend, we know they pay out and that they will ask you all the right questions to make sure you get the right level of cover.

Contracts - Most of the issues we see with clients/subcontractors could easily be avoided by using a specific VA contract. We love the free year of support which comes with these.

VA Training - SVA is aware of many training scams for VAs. Please only use our approved VA trainers who abide with SVA's best practice for VA trainers.  NB: SVA does not receive any commission from VA trainers/courses, so we remain entirely independent with our recommendations.

https://www.amazon.co.uk/shop/societyofvas - Everything a VA could want for Christmas, birthdays, development... Well maybe not everything but certainly some of our faves!

Voipfone - Virtual phonelines - 30 day free trial

Express Scribe - The transcription software that every VA uses. There is a free version but the Pro one opens a wider variety of file types.

Pricing Formula - From VAPromag.co.uk this calculates what you should be charging.

VA-Websites.co.uk - All-in-one basic website solution to get you up and running fast.



We have a number of advertising opportunities for selling your services, products, your business, extra domains etc.




These links are approved by SVA and we may receive commission/affiliate income from them.  However we have no responsibility for any external links.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.