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Advertise on SVA

Recently we’ve been asked a lot about advertising on the Society Of Virtual Assistants website which usually we are happy to do for free if it’s a product which helps VAs.  With 1,800+ VAs on our database, we’ve sold businesses in a matter of days, we’ve done pre-sales on new accountancy products, and we’ve created a ready-made beta testing database for software providers.

However, where someone else is making money out of the database, it would be nice for a small donation towards the admin costs of keeping SVA live.  So we’ve come up with some guideline prices for advertising on the site:

  • Product beneficial to VAs – Free to list on the website, pay a donation when you make sales.
  • Feature on sidebar of newsletter – £30 per insert.
  • Adverts – including listing on SVA website, social media groups & newsletter £100.

Some of the projects we’ve helped fund over the last few years:- The UK VA Survey, sponsoring VA regional events, book giveaways, free training – and many more…

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  1. Nigel Nieddu on 1 August, 2018 at 7:49 am

    I am looking for a VA that is fully trained in Kallzu Ads PPCall system to setup and run PPCall ads for myself and my clients through Kallzu.

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