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Society Of Virtual Assistants April Newsletter


We’re gearing up to next month’s Global VA Week – I’m sending this a bit early so you can take advantage of the Early Bird OIVAC discount: $109 before 31st March! (If you haven’t already!)  If you aren’t going to the convention, you can still take part in Global VA Week, more info below.

This month saw a big response to our Typing Tips – and sparked a pricing debate!  Join in here.  We’ll be continuing to post Typing Tuesdays and Marketing Fridays for the next wee while – keep an eye out and let me know how you get on?


Global VA Week – start your engines…

Each year we team up with OIVAC to promote the industry with other VAs from around the world – this year we need some help setting up some of the events, for more info click here! We’ll be running a blog hop, a tweet campiagn and hosting mini-meet-ups all over the country. (Or if you’d simply like to take part in the online convention, click here for more details.) We’ll also be holding a UK specific free session @ 1pm UK time on Friday 17th May – open to all, make sure you register!!!

Volunteer to help the UK Global VA Week campaign! CLICK HERE

See also  Global VA Week - the tweets have landed!!!

SVA Premier: Marketing Benchmarking SVA Premier

This month we’re looking at marketing benchmarks and what the industry standards are for responses, leads, conversions, even website hits… Plus what you can do to improve them!

SVA Premier costs £10/month and you get access to this month’s content plus archive materials from previous months.  You can cancel any time via Paypal or on the Contact Us page.  EDIT: This scheme has been replaced by our instant download course – please see VA PRODUCTS.


If you have an event you’d like listed on https://www.societyofvirtualassistants.co.uk/events-the-virtual-assistant-diary just let me know on email info@societyofvirtualassistants.co.uk! It’s free and we’re happy to list anything which will help VAs in their businesses.

Last month: Tara had a really successful meet with lots of Buckinghamshire based VAs who’d never met before – well done for organising it Tara!   Lucy and the Executive Secretary Team took over London’s East End for Executive Secretary Live – hopefully a new annual event?!

This month: I’m still looking for VAs to host meet ups in their own areas – Click here for more info!

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