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Marketing Friday: 5 tips for next week!

Here are five ideas which you can work on today – Marketing Friday – to get more business next week!

  • Follow up your sales letters with phone calls.
  • Try contacting people advertising for part-time or temporary staff.
  • Get in contact with your local temp agency and volunteer a special rate for their clients.  Lots of temp agencies won’t send out staff for less than ½ a day and often the work can be done off site (e.g. marketing mail outs), making ideal for VAs.
  • Remember on average it takes 7 communications before someone will buy from you – so send your marketing, follow it up, then try, try, try, try and try AGAIN!
  • Join your local Chamber of Commerce.
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  1. Jackie on 11 October, 2019 at 2:10 pm

    Just starting out on my VA journey and found your marketing Friday tips really useful. I’ve just joined the local Chamber of Commerce, have set up Twitter and Facebook. Does anyone use Instagram? Just wondered if this is a useful tool for finding work? I also thought your temp agency idea was a really good place to start – thank you.

    Really enjoying the new challenge but any advice and tips the team can provide to a newbie would be gratefully received.

    regards Jackie

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