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Society of Virtual Assistants News: September 2013

Hello We’ve had some interesting approaches over the last few weeks – The Sunday times Magazine wanted to speak to us about The Mummy Myth article I wrote; there have been a fair number of people approaching us about offering training or resources to VAs… The word is out there that we have great influence…

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Society Of Virtual Assistants April Newsletter

Hello We’re gearing up to next month’s Global VA Week – I’m sending this a bit early so you can take advantage of the Early Bird OIVAC discount: $109 before 31st March! (If you haven’t already!)  If you aren’t going to the convention, you can still take part in Global VA Week, more info below.…

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SVA Newsletter: November 2010

Last chance to enter our marketing competition today!  Cute ideas, postcards, letters – share it with us VAs. There must be something in the air – we’ve had a sudden influx of VAs doing their offices up, including myself – pictures to follow! We’ve also got some very exciting news coming soon, which is will…

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