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Typing Tips: Credit Terms

If you aspire to be an excellent virtual assistant offering typing services, we’re running a series of tips on how to impress your clients.  Keep an eye out every Tuesday in the coming weeks!!!

  • Credit Terms

We had a client who regularly paid us 10 days late – it drove me loopy until I sat down with him and asked him what the problem was.  They didn’t get paid by their client until the 15th of the month and that’s why he was always late.  Now, although he’s still liable for the bill whether he gets paid or not, I was able to be slightly more flexible with him once I knew this and we bill on the 15th of the month including the 2 weeks he’s just used of the new month.  It works, I get paid, he’s happier… Good news all round.  Check with your clients to see if your billing cycle works for them.

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