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Marketing Friday for Virtual Assistants:


Welcome back to our regular series of tips to help you market your virtual assistant business, here are this week’s 5 tips:

1.Print up some fun postcards. Great for sending out reminders of new products, events or special deals. And they save on envelopes and postage. Remember to keep the message / picture quite generic so you can reuse them and they don’t go out of date. And, as always, put your contact details on them!

2. Printing a one off deal? Instead of colour printing everything, consider using coloured paper and printing in black. Good for posters, leaflets etc. in small print runs.

3. Out and about? Try branding your car or laptop. A number of sign makers will do cling labels for your car windows and www.skynmobile.com will do personalised laptop covers. A great talking point on the train.

4. Take up a hobby or an evening class. Okay, this isn’t as weird or as sadly single as it sounds, particularly if you do something business related like web design or accounting… Just think about why they’re doing it!

5. Create standard templates and pictures on www.microsoft.com and www.hp.com to personalise your marketing materials.

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