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Pricing for Virtual Assistants: Value vs High Rates

minimum pricing for virtual assistants

Pricing for Virtual Assistants: Time and again we see people bemoaning the fact that they don’t get paid enough as a virtual assistant.  Or and this one annoys me if I’m honest) someone mentions their hourly rate, and another VA comes on to the forum and says “Well any REAL virtual assistant wouldn’t charge less…

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Testimonials – have you ever seen a bad one?

This came up during the judging of the Outstanding Virtual Assistant of the Year awards, and I wanted to throw it out there and get a response from other VAs: Have you ever seen a bad testimonial? Now the reason I am asking is because testimonials can be very powerful things.  People see why they…

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My original virtual assistant marketing plan

marketing for virtual assistants

Virtual Assistant Marketing Plan Weirdly 3 times this week I’ve been asked about virtual assistant marketing plans for start ups…  And it seems there are a lot of VAs who are using only one or two strategies to get clients and only one or two different types of contact and wondering why there aren’t clients…

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Time to ditch those boring stock photos!

Using photography to promote your virtual assistant business? You can’t have failed to notice the rise in visual content marketing across all social media platforms, from photos and infographics to video. The value that visual marketing can bring is vast and by not using visual content you could be giving your competitors the advantage. Still not convinced?…

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PA Expo

PA Expo – Liverpool Nov 2016 – Lazy Mare’s Guide To Marketing Your VA Business The lazy mare’s guide to marketing PA EXpo Nov 2016 from Caroline Wylie Great to see some of you today at PA Expo in Liverpool, as promised here are the resources for my session which I said I’d pop up…

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Want featured?

If you’d like to see your name on our blog, drop us a line! Articles need to be aimed at UK VAs, 350-500 words long, and original… Other than that, get creative!  You might have a rant about people devaluing what we do, or you might have a really good way of dealing with client…

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