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Marketing Friday for Virtual Assistants:


It is Friday again, so time for this week’s tips to help you market your Virtual Assistant business:

1. Contact other VAs and ask if they have any subcontract work going or better still team up with a VA who has different skills to you and do a client swap – you refer clients to her in her speciality and she refers clients to you in yours.

2. Brand everything! From CDs, pens, notepads, envelopes, letterhead – make sure your contacts are on it. Firstly it makes it easier for people to find you again if they need more work doing, but secondly it acts as a really good reminder when they take a sip of coffee from your mug!

3. Put in place a follow up procedure on all your marketing activities – put it in the diary. Whether it’s a phone call, an email or a postcard.

4. Make sure you can track what’s getting the best response, get into the habit of asking people where they heard about you and tracking what’s most effective so you can concentrate on that area and get rid of the activities that aren’t making you money.

5. Create an ideal client profile – who are they, what do they do, where do they live and why do they need you? Concentrate on the clients who give you profit. You know the clients who don’t pay on time, mess you about and generally cause chaos? Forget them – if they can’t afford to pay you, you can’t afford to do business with them.

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