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Virtual Assistant Awards – Why Enter?

Virtual Assistant Awards - And the winner is


Virtual Assistant Awards – Why Enter?


Common Misconceptions To Entering Awards:

  • Only big companies win awards.

  • I can’t enter it into awards – what about confidential information?

  • If I sponsor a category I’ll have a better chance.

  • If I buy more seats at the awards dinner I’m more likely to win.


Virtual Assistant Awards - Why Enter


How To Choose Which Virtual Assistant Awards Would Work For You:

  • Who do you want to impress?

      • Clients (new and existing). Associates, Potential Employees?

      • Confidence boost?

  • What sort of awards would add value?

  • What are the best stories?

      • Innovation, Customer Care, Growth, Green/CSR.

Choose Wisely

  • Find opportunities: Search, forums, coaches.


Virtual Assistant Awards - Winning Awards Make People Happier


Entering awards provides a reality check on your business performance. The process is just as significant than the prize.


Preparation is Key

Winning starts with writing an above-average award application.

  • Comply: read and reread criteria.

  • Timeline: Start early

  • Research: previous winners / gather supporting material / client endorsement.

  • Write Persuasively: Don’t waffle or use jargon.

  • Format: Stand out from the crowd



What Are Judges Looking For?

  • Entry must stand out.

  • Talk is cheap: Prove any claims you make about being the best, offering great service, value for money, being innovative etc.

  • Be sure to answer all the questions the judges ask too, rather than just the ones that suit you to answer. Don’t copy.

  • Be honest about what you are good at and how you can demonstrate this to the judges.

  • You will be scored down if you don’t fulfill all the entry requirements.

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Virtual Assistant Awards - Plan Forward


How To Make The Most Of Being Shortlisted

  • Start shouting as soon as you’ve been shortlisted (check with organiser when you can announce).

      • Send out Press Releases to regional/trade press.

      • Post articles in client and employee newsletters.

      • Case Studies: Short for use in proposals / Mid-sized for marketing purposes.

      • Including award logos in all customer facing communications (e.g. email footer).

  • The day of the awards – use social media to build excitement.


You Don’t Have To Win To Grin

There are still ways to make that application work to your advantage:

  • Attend any associated award social events. Pack your hand bag with business cards and schmooze at presentation ceremonies, cocktail parties and sit-down dinners.

  • Swap business cards with the organisers and winners… you never know what relationships you might develop.

  • Learn from the winner and other finalists. Chat in person or look at their marketing materials and website to see what they do that you don’t.

  • Awards selection criteria usually relate to core business, so revisit your business plan and fill any gaps.

  • Ask for feedback.


Virtual Assistant Awards - Roadmap



  • Is your submission compliant?

  • Have you addressed all of the evaluation criteria?

  • Is your submission easy to read?

  • Is your submission visually appealing?

  • Evidence – can you provide hard metrics as proof?

  • Any recycled content has been tailored for this award.

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Have you got the WOW factor?

Think about your last year in business – what have you done that makes you stand out? Maximise this… and remember YOU’VE GOT TO BE IN IT TO WIN IT.

Good Luck!


Michelle Smith



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