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So you think you have Facebook Marketing sussed?

In the past two weeks alone Facebook has made changes to their set up that may have passed you by.

Facebook Questions

Facebook Questions was launched and then pulled back, it has been in Beta for sometime now but you can see a sneak preview of what’s to come here.

No more http://

A minor change that will make a major difference to all Facebook pages was the removal of having to put http:// before your domain name in your “info tab” and “about us” box. Previously there were many Facebook Pages that had their domain in the box, but they weren’t clickable, major fail in driving traffic to your website! Now Facebook have rectified that and made thousands of pages more user friendly with this simple change.

Shared Links

A further change is the “shared links” in your newsfeed. Now when you share a link and one of your friends or pages you fan shares a link they will be grouped together and annotated to let you know who shared it. A useful addition to find out who shares your interests, who is likely to share links you post enabling you to boost your Facebook presence.

Some things just stay the same

One thing that will always stay the same is how you interact with your Facebook “fans” or “likers” (I still like fans!) Interaction is the key to good Facebook page, merely posting your business pages and blog posts will not cut it and drive fans away, there are very few businesses that get away with this.

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As a Virtual Assistant or Small Business you need to be in the driving seat, asking questions, posting links to other posts you find interesting and helpful (chances are they will be helpful to some of your fans too!) And constantly monitoring and interacting with the fans that promote your page for you. Every time someone likes a post or comments on an update this displays in Newsfeeds and Profiles all across the Facebook platform. What better way to drive more fans to your Fan Page?

The Society of Virtual Assistants has very kindly allowed me to share my Essential Facebook Marketing Guide with you. The Guide contains over 30 tips and ideas on how to market your fan page, to drive more fans, get more interaction and succeed on Facebook.


I hope you find it useful! Why don’t you share your Facebook tips below? What has helped you succeed on Facebook?

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