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A big thank you: Sally Blewett

If you are a member of the forum, you will have met Sally from Stonetext Online Admin Services.  Sally is one of SVA’s founding members and just very quietly helps us run the site and supports new VAs.

Whenever there is a newbie asking for honest and experienced virtual assistants to comment on their websites, Sally is first in to lend a guiding hand.  What you may not also realise, and what Sally doesn’t always admit to, is that she often helps these newbies with their design niggles, sorting out their logos, formats, meta tags and forms.

So a big thank you to Sally for all her help!

(Sometimes it’s just nice to say thank you – remember to tell someone you appreciate them today!)

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  1. Lyndsey McKendry on 31 August, 2010 at 2:03 pm

    Ditto. Sally is fab and a great help to everyone not just newbies.

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