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Why do YOU love being a Virtual Assistant?

We are looking for VAs to tell us why they started and what they love about being a virtual assistant. We’re upgrading the content on SVA for 2016 and we NEED YOU!!!!  We’ll feature your business and make you a star for the day!

Get in touch and tell us about you and your business… Pick 5 questions off the list and email us your answers on [email protected]

  • Your name & Business name:
  • Where you are based:
  • When did you first hear about VAs and what made you want to become one?
  •  What do you love about being a VA?  What’s the very best bit?
  • Any unexpected perks to being a VA?  (Wearing PJs, being able to sneak off to yoga, saying YES to things you wouldn’t have been able to as an employee…)
  • How do you explain to people what you do?
  • Most exotic client/strangest job you’ve been asked to do?
  • Your best gadget? Why do you love it?
  • What does your favourite coffee mug say?
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