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GDPR – crowdsource…

GDPR data protectionGDPR Compliance:

So we are all scrambling around at the moment trying to make sure all our suppliers are compliant in terms of storage and  security for GDPR.  There will be a million different apps, programmes, suppliers and programmes which VAs store personal information in and which should be assessed for data liabilities…And I’m sure we all have individual support tickets in regarding whether or not certain suppliers are compliant.

Your GDPR responsibilities:

Part of GDPR asks you as a data processor to risk assess where you are storing information and prove what you did in order to check the security of information.

We’ve set up an editable sheet below of all the places you might store personal information – please add your own suppliers to it.  Or if you have information regarding each one, fill in the link to security information on GDPR and any other info which you have.  Once complete, we’ll send out to the full list of VAs – might save you some work and help each other out!

How to use the crowdsource sheet:

  1. Add your own suppliers to the list
  2. If you know what a supplier’s GDPR status is, fill in a link to their info or paste their comments in the NOTES section
  3. Press SAVE
  4. That’s it – the data is updated!
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