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Connect with Direct Mail

With so much coming in via email these days, our postboxes are looking rather empty.  What’s more your clients’ mailboxes will be looking rather empty too so there’s less competition for their attention – it’s a great opportunity to grab 5 minutes of their time!

So what can you send which is easily mailable and which creates an effective marketing communication?  Well, pretty much anything which makes them smile!  Remember, it needs to be under 100 grams and no bigger than A5 sized to be posted on a normal 1st Class stamp.

Here’s some ideas:

  • Birthday card – if you don’t know their birthday, then celebrate them becoming your client on the anniversary of their first job with you.
  • Handwritten note – it’s personal and quick!
  • Voucher for your services
  • Relevant newspaper articles
  • A silly postcard – I’m a huge fan of these.
  • A gift card – could be Amazon or iTunes or even Starbucks
  • Chocolate bar or sweeties – look for flat ones or stuff which can be posted easily without getting bashed.

Anyone tried anything quirkier than that?

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