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Time to ditch those boring stock photos!

Using photography to promote your virtual assistant business? You can’t have failed to notice the rise in visual content marketing across all social media platforms, from photos and infographics to video. The value that visual marketing can bring is vast and by not using visual content you could be giving your competitors the advantage. Still not convinced?…

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Special Niche as a Virtual Assistant?

As part of our Specialist Niches section, we’re looking for VAs who have unusual or specialist niches.  (We’re planning out our content for 2016 now so we need your help!!!) Are you the UK’s best property assistant?  Maybe you only deal with one kind of client? Or have become a specialist outsourcer for other VAs?…

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Telesales Dos & Don’ts

Newsflash: Following up your marketing letters or postcards with a phone call can double their effectiveness. So you wrote a fantastic and compelling letter, researched your target market to find likely targets, mailed it out – now what?  I always compare not following up to being akin to climbing halfway up Mount Everest and turning…

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Free blogging course!

Fresh from the UK Virtual Assistant Conference in Surrey last week, Antonia Chitty has a fantastic course for those of you who are thinking of adding a blog to your business. Find out how to set your blog up Promote your blog Get business from blogging Create and sell products via your blog So whether…

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Recommended Reading: Purple Cow by Seth Godin

This month’s review comes from Jo @ Seeking Serenity – many thanks Jo!  If you have a book which you’d like to review, please email us the review (200-400 words) to I was asked to read this book (and many others) as part of my homework for a VA apprentice course that I have…

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Connect with Direct Mail

With so much coming in via email these days, our postboxes are looking rather empty.  What’s more your clients’ mailboxes will be looking rather empty too so there’s less competition for their attention – it’s a great opportunity to grab 5 minutes of their time!

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