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Virtual Assistant Bloggers Wanted!

Love being a virtual assistant

Love Being a Virtual Assistant? We need YOU!

We need you! For 2016 Society of Virtual Assistants is looking to recruit 6 bloggers to help us keep the site content fresh and interesting.

We’re looking for VAs who can write about their experiences, write reviews or do a series of blog posts.  Each post needs to be: between 400-1,000 words, on a subject which will interest UK based VAs and in order to set you up as one of our guest bloggers (with accompanying biog and all important link back to your site) we will need a photo of you, your website link and a little bit about you for our readers.  We’re asking that all guest bloggers are able to submit at least 4 posts in 2016 – which can either be delivered all at once or throughout the year, depending on what suits you.

You might be:

  • A Virtual Assistant with a specialist niche (techie, writing, working with a particular set of clients, or specialising in a certain skill)
  • A newbie VA willing to share your experiences of setting up
  • Expanding your business by hiring your own VA or launching a new service – we’d love to follow your process as you do it!
  • Passionate about a particular bugbear – we do love a good rant, and these often get the best responses from our readers and change the whole shape of the industry.  (SVA, admittedly, was set up after I’d had several issues with the existing industry bodies!!)
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To start, email us your picture, a few ideas about what you’d like to write about and a little bit about yourself to [email protected]

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