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Pricing for virtual assistants

Zirtual – what went wrong?

Last week virtual assistant giant Zirtual suddenly ceased trading with an email sent to all its employees and clients shutting the whole operation down. The financial markets that funded the project are somewhat baffled by why it didn’t work and are busy securing more rounds of funding to try and get this business back up…

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How to sell a client

This gem comes from Phillippa Goodwin of Essential PA – one for all the MultiVA businesses or simply for someone looking to outsource work on a permanent basis. How to “sell” a virtual assistant client

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Pricing: The Good Burger Van

This example comes from Sara @ Officebird who used it as an analogy to explain why she uses all inclusive pricing in her virtual assistant business.  We think it’s excellent and thought it was worth putting on the main site: Imagine this: you are walking through town, feeling a little peckish, and you spot a…

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Book Competition: Instant Cashflow

One of Billionaire Brad Sugars’ bestselling books – the cornerstone of his whole empire, cashflow is king.  In the interests of full disclosure, not all of his 282 money making tips will be suitable for VAs, but some of them are killer marketing strategies! I like this one because you can just flick through the…

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