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Hourly rates – the cost comparison of a temp vs a VA!

We had a really interesting discussion on the forum recently regarding clients wanting to pay temp rates….  One faction thought VAs should price themselves competitively with the local temp rate (even if that meant going as low as £10/hour).  And the other reckoned that because we’re not a temp we should differentiate ourselves in our…

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Free Virtual Assistant!!

I was chatting to a newbie VA the other day through my work at www.4vas.co.uk and she was telling me about a new client she had landed from a networking event.  She was so excited about having a real life client, she’d sort of glossed over the reality of what they’d agreed. The client needed…

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Question: What is the one element of your business which ensures you will fail if it is not correct? Answer: Pricing This was inspired by a topic on the main forum regarding call answering, which had me, erm… a little “strident”!   And this one from newbie VA Anne Marie Hendry.  Pricing, and in particular positioning…

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