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Could HR administration services be another string to your bow?

I think that VAs should be called VVAs for ‘Versatile’ Virtual Assistants because the scope of support they are asked to provide certainly means they must be multiskilled and adaptable!

HR administration is one area where VAs may be asked to get involved. This could be anything from organising interviews, managing employee files, preparing contracts of employment, monitoring sickness and/or sorting out HR policy documents.

HR Admin is often given to a VA because the client wants to retain strict confidentiality and therefore keep HR administration external, and/or because they simply do not have the time (or the inclination!) to focus on this, yet recognise that it is an important part of running any business.

This can however leave VAs feeling a little out of their depth. When a client says they need contracts of employment, a maternity leave letter or a company car policy, what is the VA to do and where do they go for guidance?

YourHR.guide was developed for just this sort of situation. To provide access to all the HR guidance and templates a business might need. YourHR.guide allows you to put in place all the HR documents needed to ensure compliance and to make sure the company has a solid HR foundation. It is an amazing tool and resource for any company and for VAs. Importantly it allows VAs to add another string to their bow of versatility, making them even more valuable to the business.


Natalie Hariram of Blue Dog Business Solutions did just this. Using YourHR.guide, she now manages the HR administration for clients, including preparing and implementing contracts of employment and HR policy documents and other HR documentation.

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It has already proved invaluable and saved Natalie’s clients time, worry and money! And because YourHR.guide is continually updated Natalie can keep herself and her clients up to date.

“When clients want support with HR administration, I first sign them up to YourHR.guide so we have access to all the templates and guidance. At only £19.99 per month, it’s a no brainer! The time it saves me (and the client) means it pays for itself in an instant and I could not provide this service without YourHR.guide. It would take far too long to produce documents and frankly I do not have the expertise to produce these documents and/or keep them up to date. With YourHR.guide I have total confidence in the guidance and templates.

YourHR.guide has allowed me to offer HR administration services to clients as an additional service, helping me to increase my income and my value to the client. It helps me stand out as a professional VA business and attracts quality clients who stick with me”. 

So, if you are a VA who already provides an HR administration service, or wants to start to do so, take a look at YourHR.guide.

If you would like to see more, just visit https://yourhr.guide/. You can look around as a guest for free. If you would like to receive notifications about changes in employment law, you can register for Regular membership for free.

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Note: when using YourHR.guide for clients, the client must have a Premium membership account to be able to use the content for their organisation.

For more information and contact details:

Paula Fisher [email protected]

Tel: 01702 216573

Linked in: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paulajfisher/

Paula is the creator of YourHR.guide. She has been working with SMEs providing HR support for over 20 years. She runs a successful HR consultancy company in Essex and her mission is to make HR easier for SME organisations.

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