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Specialist Niches: Debbie of Intuitive Support Services Limited – Outsourced admin for Financial Advisors

As part of our Specialist Niches section, we’ve spoken to VAs who have unusual or specialist niches.

Debbie Condren

I’m Debbie and my background was in financial services.  I set up as a VA when I left my job in the City (I was miserable being so far away from my 1 year old son).
I didn’t know what else to do that would enable me to be close to home, so I thought a VA role would be perfect.

Initially I thought I’d leave financial services behind, but I couldn’t get
any clients.  I spent 5 weeks not earning and penny, and being more stressed
that I ever imagined.  However, as soon as I started advertising the service
targeted to people in the financial services world, I got loads of work.  As
they say – “jack of all trades specialist of none” might seem like the right
approach because the market is bigger, but I soon realised the only way to
get work was to specialise, and that really paid off.

Everything we do is supporting Financial Advisers and their clients, and its
all to do with pensions, investments, mortgages, life insurance.  It’s a
traditional PA role in many ways, but they need industry knowledge too.  The
people that work for me all come from that background.  They are almost all
parents with young children (including one dad) who just want a decent job,
but who want to be close for their kids and have a better life balance.
(Particularly sweet this week – as they put all the train fares up )

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Want to share information about a niche area in which you work?  Have a read of our recent request for VAs with Specialist Niches and submit your information – your post could be next in our series.

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  1. CoachMaria Marsala on 18 March, 2016 at 6:15 pm

    Having a niche is very important and IMO, mandatory for business owners, including VAs. so that they set themselves apart from each other.

    When I looked for a VA Financial Advisor to speak at a summit I produce yearly, I was surprised to find so few. And not one of them contacted me back regarding speaking at my yearly summit.

    I can say that in this niche, if you’re reading this article that advisors will only hire other people who have worked in the industry. They need to know that the person they hire understands all the oddities of the industry and the myriad of regulations. and won’t get them in trouble compliance wise or do any sort of promotions.

    The other thing I found on most (not al) VA websites is that they look alike (cheap, ugly, and most often not in responsive mode) they have no email list, give away to much of their time for free, don’t charge enough, etc. OR they stressed that they were cheaper to hire than employees. (while true, it’s not a value)

    I’m glad they have a society in the UK that will UK VAs look more like they’re in business for the long run. Keep up the good work.

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