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Happy International VA Day 2020

Happy International VA Day 2020

#IVAD #InternationalVADay

To all the VAs across the globe, in these strange times, here’s to the future:

  • To the clients who have realised flexibility gives their business strength
  • To the businesses who now accept virtual working is the future
  • To the newbies, joining our industry in difficult times at the very beginning of their journey
  • To the oldies having to pivot their businesses and rebuild it from the ground up

We’ll be holding a series of events over the next few months (and trying not to Zoom-Fatigue you too much!). As part of our commitment to ongoing education, we’ll be sharing what we know worked from during the last recession for VAs, from the people who were actually working through it. They know.

2020 has been an exceptionally strange year, but I really look forward to seeing you all in person again very soon! (Or least once I’ve been to the hairdresser!)

Caroline Wylie

With love


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  1. Mary on 15 May, 2020 at 4:56 pm

    I think the gods are sending me a sign! Having just this morning resurrected the idea of becoming a VA (after shelving it for many years) and spending all day researching it and getting very excited about it all, I’ve just sat down to do some more reading on your site and found that it is International VA Day! Spooky…

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