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How many secretarial skills do you use in your VA business?

Had an interesting chat recently with Rosemary Parr who runs Scottish PA Network – we were chatting about the different skillsets VAs and PAs have…and that’s why the transition can sometimes be difficult.

I thought it might be useful to run a poll:

How many PA skills do you use in your VA business? (e.g. typing, diary management, personal support)

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Certainly on the SVA Forum there’s some debate about what is unique to VAs in terms of skillset:


Off the top of my head I’d say that in addition to excellent PA skills, the VAs also need:

  • Business skills
  • Know how to work remotely
  • Marketing skills
  • Be able to juggle priorities (because even if you are used to having several bosses, there is usually one overarching aim for the company which always takes precedence – that doesn’t exist for VAs with numerous clients)
  • Being prepared to take what is essentially a “commission only” job
  • Being able to set personal boundaries around work (VAs don’t have an HR dept looking after them)
  • To be really self-motivated
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Anything else you think we need? Personal skills? Technical knowledge? Add in the comments below…

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