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October 2015 Society of Virtual Assistants Newsletter

Hi there,Virtual Assistant - Caroline Wylie

October is a busy month for VAs – I know lots of you met up @ The Office* Show in London.

And one of my VAs really surprised me!

Quick reminder: Don’t miss our co-founder Lyndsey Gilchrist’s 6-Figure Entrepreneur’s Telesummit starting Monday.  It’s free to log on, and has some brill stuff for VAs.

And, if you haven’t already, time is running out on the Northern VA Colaboration’s early bird deal – deadline is Halloween!



On the site…

The mac is back… A guide for using iMac instead of PC.

Halloween Special: VA horror stories – from VAs who go awol to clients who don’t pay!

What is a virtual Assistant?  A simple explanation video which you can share on your own website.  Great free resource to add video to your site!

Why advertising doesn’t work for small businesses: This former ad-girl spills the beans!

In retrospect: Spend 5 minutes thinking about what you are proud to have achieved with your VA business…

Work productivity: Guest blogger Andrea Webb suggests ways of ensuring productivity in your daily life!

From the archives:

Are you a newbie to blogging? If YES, you NEED BLOGSPIRATION! http://tinyurl.com/blogspiration


If you have an event you would like listed, please let me know on [email protected]! It’s free and we’re happy to list anything which will help VAs in their businesses.

19-23 Oct: 6-Figure Telesummit – more info

22 Oct: VA Marketing Success Tips – free call with VA Success Group – more info

31 Oct: Deadline for booking Northern VA Collaboration @ Early bird price!!! – more info

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