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Virtual Assistant Blogging Ideas for July

blogspirationEach month we’ll be posting a few ideas about what you can blog about – please feel free to add your own ideas below in the comments (or include a sneaky Googlicious link to your own blog!)

Virtual Assistant blog ideas for July

  • Webinars: VAs are ideally placed to organise these, being an online only product that requires a bit of technical expertise and organisation.  Create a step-by-step guide to setting up the webinar, inviting participants, targetting new customers and running either live or pre-recorded webinars.  Perhaps they’d like to do a weekly training session for their clients?  Or a one-off trial for new customers?
  • Work modes: I came across this post the other day which I rather enjoyed reading… Essentially, it’s about how we work in a modern day society – and how we should be changing it.  It was particularly thought provoking because whilst as VAs we can do things fast for clients, sometimes asking what’s behind their motivation produces better results.
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