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Top tips for Outsourcing: Test Your Virtual Assistant

Clients and VAs often complain to us about the quality of outsourcer there is out there… Here at SVA we want to promote best practice so that it reflects well on the whole industry, so we put together some tips on how to outsource your work safely.

Tip 2: Devise a test to check their skills: This saves me a lot of hassle speaking to people who wouldn’t have the skills I need.  Once you have your job description, design a test for them to submit along with their CV/biog when they apply.  It might be a spelling test, a task they must complete, a simple piece of research.  Whatever you would need them to do on a daily basis.  It’ll give you an idea of what they are capable of – most VAs will be happy to complete a short task (circa 15 minutes) so you can check their work.  If they don’t pass the test, DO NOT HIRE THEM.  You will spend your entire life checking their work and you’re missing out on working with an excellent VA!

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  1. Kerry on 16 May, 2013 at 4:59 pm

    Absolutely Caroline, I do this myself when I take on other VAs to support my business. It’s the only way of ensuring quality and avoiding hand holding in the future.

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