Marketing Friday: Get more clients now!

Here are five ideas which you can work on today – Marketing Friday – to get more business next week!

  • Produce a colourful, tri-fold marketing leaflet, describing your business, to hand out at networking meetings and always keep a few in your handbag or briefcase along with your business cards.
  • When handing a business card/leaflet to someone give it with both hands, as though it were a gift – it is!
  • Volunteer to write a business column or contribute to a local newspaper or magazine.
  • Become a great source of information for your clients – I often have clients phoning me up for really random things but I’m often able to put them in touch with just the right person – so when they hear of someone needing my services, I’m front of their mind!!!
  • Offer a free trial.  A lot of people aren’t sure how the service will work; offering them a free trial takes the risk away and may even encourage them to tell their friends about the service.

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Co-founder of Society Of Virtual Assistants and owner of Virtually Sorted. Caroline lives in Glasgow and enjoys the virtual lifestyle allowing her the flexibility to wear jeans to the office every day! In 2014 Caroline was shortlisted as in the UK's Top 10 Digital/Tech Bloggers at the UK Blog Awards. Not bad for a non-techie!
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One Response to Marketing Friday: Get more clients now!

  1. Create an ‘elevator pitch’, just one sentence long describing what you do.

    Then rehearse it as often as you can – it is amazing how often what you think in your head, does not come out of your mouth!

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