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Book Review: Book Yourself Solid

Book Yourself Solid This one came highly recommended by several people. I must admit I was a bit disappointed; it’s very wordy and is probably more suited to someone who is just starting out with their business rather than an established VA. It works on the premise that you need to build a relationship with…

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Book Review: The 4 Hour Work Week

The Four Hour Work Week I don’t think I’ve said this recently – Tim Ferriss is my hero! There is a lot of debate as to whether he really does work a 4 hour week or whether his method is applicable to all businesses or even if he encourages offshoring of jobs. Tim used Indian…

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Book Review: The Secret

The Secret This one is an Oprah choice.  She did a series of interviews and even commissioned a film based on this book because she saw the results in her own life. Basically the premise is that positive thinking attracts like for like, so if you actively believe that something will happen then it will. …

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Book Review: Get Off Your Arse

Get Off Your Arse Written by Brad Burton, founder of the 4N networking events, this one is an amusing romp through his desire to work for himself and the magnetic draw of TV’s Countdown to freelancers everywhere! I am the world’s worst procrastinator, so this suited me down to the ground. Inevitably it spent three…

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