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Book Review: Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg is a woman of influence and power… yet even she finds herself questioning whether she wants to be the “bad girl of business”.    It’s not a feminist manifesto, it’s not demanding businesses make special allowances for women – it’s a piece of solid research on why women aren’t earning as much as they should be – and how we can change that.

I was pleasantly surprised by this book – so much so that all my cousins are getting this as their Christmas present this year.  It’s a book I believe should be required reading for all 20-somethings, all schoolchildren and most especially women business owners

I have long acknowledged that I am not Superwoman – I have no desire whatsoever to “have it all”.  But time after time I find myself struggling with issues which are uniquely feminine – why do I feel the need to be apologetic when someone fails a typing test and is completely unsuited to work as a VA?  Or how come I’m the one rushing around trying to get dinner cooked every single night?  I like to think of myself being my husband’s equal and yet if our son is sick and can’t go to childcare, it will be me looking after him.  We, as women, are our own worst enemy – the change has to come from within.

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Back to the book and why you should read it:

  • Women are 57% of college graduates and 63% of masters degree holders, but that majority fades as careers progress.  Why is that?
  • How do you get to 50:50 with your partner over childcare and household duties? Countless VAs have told me that they only became a VA “because it fit round the children” and then wonder why they aren’t making any money.
  • How do people see powerful women?  I hate being seen as a b*tch – it affects how I run my business, and stops me from making the decisions I need to in order to make my business successful.
  • What are the differences in how men and women deal with risk? This is fundamental in the way we fund our businesses and grow them.

Most of all we need to open the discussion about gender in the workplace and home…In fact, I’m so convinced this book will change your perception of your role in life, I’m giving away a copy.


* Winner will be randomly drawn 30 November 2013.

For more info visit: http://leanin.org/

If you can’t wait and want to buy the book, click here.

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