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Price increase letters

Virtual Assistant Pricing

Over the years we’ve been asked for examples of price increase letters – each VA business is different and you will know your clients best, but here’s a few ideas about how you can increase your virtual assistant rates without alienating the clients. Why raise your virtual assistant rates? Firstly, remember that your clients will…

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Cost of a virtual assistant

We have had a few queries on how long things should take recently – I thought it would be interesting to compare how long/how much it would cost to do certain tasks which rely on the virtual assistants input only (in other words, you aren’t waiting for content or quotes or researching something which could…

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UK Virtual Assistant Survey

Okay – here’s your chance to find out where you fall on the VA brilliance scale… Everything you ever wanted to know about the typical Virtual Assistant business. Take part in the UK VA Survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/UKVASurvey201011 It’s quite big – set aside about 30 mins to complete it. But for your time you’ll get a…

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