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Pricing: The Good Burger Van

This example comes from Sara @ Officebird who used it as an analogy to explain why she uses all inclusive pricing in her virtual assistant business.  We think it’s excellent and thought it was worth putting on the main site: Imagine this: you are walking through town, feeling a little peckish, and you spot a…

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Multi-VA – is it for me?

As your business grows, you’ll naturally reach a “ceiling” where you can’t take on any more clients or earn any more money. There are a couple of ways round this: • You could increase your hourly rate • You could charge on a per-project basis • You can outsource the work to a trusted subcontractor…

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Marketing Friday: More tips and tricks for Virtual Assistants

Here are five ideas which you can work on today, Marketing Friday, to get more business next week. Try contacting people advertising for part-time or temporary staff. Get in contact with your local temp agency and volunteer a special rate for their clients. Lots of temp agencies won’t send out staff for less than ½…

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