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What made you become a virtual assistant?

I’m curious – what made you become a Virtual Assistant? The reason I’m curious is this: Various government papers and legislation at this moment, are trying to harness the power of the so-called “gig economy” (of which virtual assistants or freelancers would be considered part of). Basically they want to put a whole load of…

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PA Expo

PA Expo – Liverpool Nov 2016 – Lazy Mare’s Guide To Marketing Your VA Business The lazy mare’s guide to marketing PA EXpo Nov 2016 from Caroline Wylie Great to see some of you today at PA Expo in Liverpool, as promised here are the resources for my session which I said I’d pop up…

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Virtual Assistant Business For Sale

VIRTUAL ASSISTANT BUSINESS FOR SALE: A small, but established business trading for 11 years with a variety of regular B2B clients and occasional private clients. Turnover: £1,900/month (£23,000 annually 2015-2016) 1 x domain with Google Page Rank of 2 Wix website Approx. 12 related domain names, incl. 3 x .com 1 x Parked…

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Data Protection and the Virtual Assistant

Do it now - motivation for virtual assistants

Data Protection is one of those areas where if you ask 10 different people “Do I need to be registered?” you’ll get 10 different answers.  So we wanted to clear this one up: As a UK VA, you DO need to be registered. Already registered?  Click here to find yourself on the list and to…

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Want featured?

If you’d like to see your name on our blog, drop us a line! Articles need to be aimed at UK VAs, 350-500 words long, and original… Other than that, get creative!  You might have a rant about people devaluing what we do, or you might have a really good way of dealing with client…

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Pitman Entrepreneur of the Year

Pitman are searching for their Entrepreneur of the Year… And they may very well be amongst the ranks of our members… They are looking for a self-employed secretary who embodies the spirit of the industry – so it sounds right up our street! You can either nominate yourself, or someone you know:

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