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Sometimes I Work In My PJs

PJsDisclaimer: This blog post was written at an undisclosed moment in time, no animals were harmed during this experiment, except for some fried eggs. 

These things sometimes happen – Sunday night and I pop out for a quick drink with an old friend and somehow it’s suddenly 11pm, last orders, and we are merrily rolling home. At some point in the evening the immortal words were uttered “No, we’ll just have one eachNot a glass, a bottle”. Sigh. Now several of my former bosses will attest to my occasional overindulging and consequent non-productivity in the mornings – in music and media, it’s more or less part of the job description. Give me a fried egg roll, a vat of sugary tea, a quick snooze under my desk and I’m usually okay in a couple of hours. But as long as the work gets done, no one really minds. 

So I’m opening the Pandora’s Box of Client Fear on thisYes, it’s true. Sometimes virtual assistants work in their pyjamas! 

Here’s why it’s a good thing though:

Your VA gets an extra hour in bed through not having to commute, that extra hour probably regenerates them a lot better than the 14 cups of your coffee they will consume at their desk as an on site employee.

See also  SVA Newsletter: January 2013

You aren’t paying them for being hungover, they will do the necessary and then go back to bed (or I do anyway!).

No one is going to spend 24:7 in their PJsThey most probably scrub up quite well when they put on proper shoes. Even if they did, no one can tell. It doesn’t matter.

By working in my PJs, clients undoubtedly get better service. I pick up that late night email you send before bed from your Blackberry, I work whilst you sleep, it means I can fit my life around your tasks. I choose to work odd hours so that your traditional 9-5 goes smoother.

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