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Number 1 thing a Virtual Assistant can do to get more new business?

Picture1Want to know the number 1 thing a virtual assistant can do to get more new business?

It’s very simple…


Starting with a “V”, my virtual assistant business is listed pretty near the bottom of the listings for virtual assistants or secretarial services in most directories.  However, you’d be surprised by how often we get work simply by getting back to people with a quote within a reasonable timescale.  Often we get told they’ve tried 5 or 6 different VAs before trying us and that we’re the only ones who have got back to them.

It’s not difficult, but it is effective – have your set response for different services all ready to go.  Do you have a certain way you accept audio typing?  Do you need particular information to get started on an email marketing campaign?  Put it together and then copy it into an email which you tailor for the client.  5 minutes and it’s done!

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