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Marketing Friday: More ideas on marketing your VA Business

Here are five ideas which you can work on today – Marketing Friday – to get more business next week!

  • When writing copy for your website remember to include those all important keywords and phrases in the titles and first part of the text.  Search engines trawl through these and will recognise your site as a “Virtual Assistant”, “Administrative Support” “offering bookkeeping, web design and secretarial support” “based in Edinburgh” site and list it as such.  Also keep it short, snappy and use lots of bullets, as people tend to scan sites rather than reading them.
  • Frequent flyers for VAs? Offer a discount on services when they buy over a certain amount – buy 5 hours, get one free for example.
  • Under promise and over deliver customer delight every time.  Note: not customer satisfaction, it’s boring and everyone does it!
  • When emailing clients make the email interactive with lots of links, clicks and further information for them to use.  Plus if you host the articles they click through to on your site, it’ll help your hit rates and again Google loves that!
  • Create a call to action on all your marketing materials.  Think about what you want the person to do when they get your email or pick up your flyer – then tell them to do it! So often you see flyers with lots of info but no real purpose, make sure yours gets results.
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