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Website tone

One of my absolute favourite Twitter follows is http://twitter.com/goodcopybadcopy Claire demonstrates week-by-week why good copy is an essential ingredient of all websites, and some amusing bloopers along the way!

So along with all your special keywords and meta tags, what else should you include in your website copy?

Question 1: Who are you talking to?

Think carefully about your target market and how they want to communicate.  A corporate services virtual assistant will be more formal in tone than, say, a VA who specialises in mumpreneurs.

Question 2: What impression do I give?

This one causes no end of debate.  If you use plural terms such as “we” and “our” people expect there to be a team.  Don’t use them unless you actually have a team!  Using “I” and “my” creates a strong bond with you as an assistant who will personally oversee their work – that’s a good thing if you are a solo-VA.

Question 3: Should I post my prices?

Another biggie.  Which has its own post right here: https://www.societyofvirtualassistants.co.uk/2010/08/05/pricing/

The general consensus is to include a ball park figure but to get people to contact you for specific quotes.  Not including prices may deter people from getting in touch thinking that “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it” but posting the prices may encourage price shopping before you even get a chance to speak to the lead.

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What does your website say about you?  Is the tone formal and professional?  Open and friendly?  Happy and chatty?

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